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Self Storage Calculator and Unit Size Guide

Storage Unit Size Guide Graphic

Uncertain about which storage unit size is right for you? Let Pacetti Road Self Storage guide you with our user-friendly storage calculator and unit size guide! Dive into the array of units we provide and discover the ideal fit for your belongings. We’ve streamlined the process to guarantee you a smooth storage experience.

How Our Storage Calculator Works

  1. Kickstart by listing out everything you aim to store.
  2. Our calculator at the bottom of the page will then compute the total volume in cubic feet of your items.
  3. Based on the calculated volume, it will promptly suggest the most fitting unit size for you.

Small Storage Units

  • The ideal solution for decluttering spaces like your attic or basement.
  • Perfect for stashing away seasonal gear or those items you use just a few times a year.
  • Picture it: everything from a single bedroom, including a comfy full-sized mattress, fits snugly.
  • Quick tip: Measuring bulkier items like desks ensures you’re not in for surprises.

Medium Storage Units

  • A touch more space for those who mean business when they say “I need to declutter.”
  • All your seasonal items, plus some, will find their spot here.
  • It’s the sweet spot that holds more than a bedroom, perfect for your expanding collection.
  • Pro Tip: A quick measure of larger pieces ensures they fit like a puzzle piece.

Large Storage Units

  • When your storage game is strong. Think of it as your personal warehouse.
  • Whether it’s extra furniture or business inventory, there’s room for it all.
  • Accommodates storage for multiple rooms’ worth of items.

Determined the ideal storage unit size for your needs? Check out our online storage rental guide for a smooth booking process. Already confident with the process? Proceed directly to rent your storage unit!

Source: Self Storage Association